Exemplary designs that are unique and thought-provoking, Team Kashish knows it the best. We come up with creative ideas each day which are not limited to the brains only rather they get imprinted on papers in form of out of the box designs...

Advertisement is one such part of the market that requires no explanation why you need that. But the question comes, how would you do it? Here Kashish comes to play its part...

Convey the heart and soul of your brand with lookbooks exclusively designed by Team Kashish. We at our studio constantly weave photography and simplicity to bring out the best for you. Start flaunting your best with Kashish and be unique in the market.

To stay connected with the world, an event is one of the most influencing mediums. From the corporate event to gala fashion shows or any kind of B2B event, Kashish house is equipped with the state of the art facility to organize any of them...

Photoshoot is an integral part that portrays most of the stories that you need to share with the world through us. Team Kashish reserves some of the excellent shutterbugs who know the best way to catch your stories on the lens...

Branding is the visual voice of your company. Team Kashish is all about sharing your inspiring story with others to create a brand that you are. A brand that will inspire others, a brand that will communicate with the people you want...

Nowadays, every big or small company is thriving on exceptional promotion. Team Kashish builds strategies and plans to promote your business both on the traditional as well as digital platforms...

The catalog is an effective marketing tool that makes your brand witnessed growing by your prospective clients. Team Kashish is always responsive towards your brand by crafting exclusively fashionable catalog that makes you unique in your service...

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KASHISH is an one stop facility with the best technology and creative ideas. A combination of quality, technology and exemplary customer service has allowed us to produce outstanding branding, promotion, corporate & fashion events, designing, social media marketing, photo shoots and print jobs of every kind.

KASHISH took birth in Calcutta with a dream to serve those who wanted to promote themselves in the digital media as well as in print media. From then, we managed to serve a wide number of people- irrespective of culture, religion, community and the most importantly the requirements. We have been thriving on your appreciation since then. It is possible because we have individuals in our support who put effort to portray your thoughts in the kind of advertisement you want. In our house of creativity, we learn each day and deliver each day. Having sprouted in this very soil of the heart of Kolkata, we have run miles in our journey, and continuing.


About the Founder

Kamal Pugalia, the young and over ambitious boy from middle class family from Beldanga - Murshidabad(WB), came to Kolkata in 2002 to prove himself. After 15years of hard work, he has created the brand “KASHISH” with a turnover of 15+cr and working with 100+ top brands of the country. The man and his creative and aspiring team retains capability and zeal to contribute to each of the successes Kashish has achieved so far. The creative force behind his Eponymous label “KASHISH” and the biggest watched event of the city “Kolkata Fashion Expo” and many other achievements is only because of his immense passion and dedication.

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    Our connection to competence comes through focusing on the 3-dots : Technology, Creativity and People. Our commitment to sustainable development over the years have earned us an opportunity for long term planning with our esteemed local and international clientele. In this way we will ensure that our profit, quality and growth goals are met.
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    At KASHISH, we believe in new perspective and creative ideas and possibly that is why we are versed as the most creative house in the town., be a part of the Kashish family and we will promise you of a mutually beneficial positive and productive relationship.
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    We, at KASHISH, believe in your eternal self . We use our ever expanding minds that cross boundaries to create something that makes you imprinted on the beholder's mind. We don't just give you what you are looking for but we give the world a new reason to seek you. Want to experience such magnitude? You are always welcome!
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    We don't just click, we make sure a click is worth touching the beholder's intimate self. Come and find your soul being felt by the onlookers.
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    Shoot with "Kashish" to divulge the ethnic truth inside you. Our passion for creating uniqueness in the vast platform of promotion and advertisement is again appreciated when it gets featured on the t2 page. Advertise with the leading advertising house in the city and get applauded.
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    Be famous. Be a part of KASHISH to experience the State of the Art facility and get in touch with the innovating minds of the house.

Our Projects


Our Mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients, whom we define as family. We will accomplish this by achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with an eye for quality. Soon Kashish is coming up with two more big news of the year, one of them is VOGUE Up, an institution cum bridal studio for the very first time in this city to give the dreamers a platform to learn and polish their skills. Also we have future plans to move forward into the field of lights-camera-action with the experience we’ve achieved from the fashion industry. new events, launches and a platform like GLAM DIVA beauty pageant is going to meet the ground of reality soon.


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KASHISH is an one stop facility with the besttechnology and creative ideas. A combination of quality, technology and exemplary customer service has allowed us to produce outstanding branding, promotion, corporate & fashion events, designing, social media marketing, photo shoots and print jobs of every kind.

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